About AgentMate

AgentMate is a software solution for Travel Agencies. The application has had continual development since it was first created over twenty years ago for the Cruise Holidays network. Over the years AgentMate has grown to be a full agency solution because of the engagement and feedback from it’s users.

AgentMate is designed to manage nearly every component of a Travel Agency’s business. The application handles Front, Mid, and Back Office Accounting; meaning that you can invoice your client, document incoming client transactions, record expected commission from vendors, document the ultimate receipt of those commissions, and document the revenue you earn on those bookings as well as the incentive being paid to your agents.

Beyond Accounting AgentMate serves as a complete Customer Relation Manager, allowing you to store all standard contact fields such as First/Last Name, Address, Phone, and Email. In addition to these fields, AgentMate can store Passport information, Birth dates, Anniversaries, Vendor Loyalty numbers, Future Marketing preferences, preferred Gateway Airports, the list goes on and on.

The application also offers a very robust Group Inventory manager. From this module you are able to track inventory contracted with different vendors, multiple price-points, add-ons (like Bus, Gratuities, Hotel, etc.), and create custom invoice notes for reservations within your groups. This inventory will also appear in Search All Inventory, which also houses cached pricing (updated daily), special Amenity Departure Dates secured by Vacation.com, Distinctive Voyages, and more.

In addition to all of these pieces, AgentMate has most recently begun service as a Content Management Service. Within AgentMate information for both groups and promotions can be passed to your website, allowing you to immediately publish new offers to your consumers and ensure that your agents have the same visibility.

For further information please contact AgentMate Team via agentmateinfo@travelleaders.com