AgentMate Release August 8, 2017

An AgentMate Release scheduled for early morning Tuesday, August 8th at approximately 2:00 AM EDT.  This release will include a number of bug fixes that will be communicated to the reporter(s) following post-release testing.

Included is an enhancement to the Communications grid within the Client Info tab.  Invoice details still appear; however, the ability to view the email sent is now available.

An Enhancement will also be pushed to include a new Attachment Library.  This will provide users with the ability to upload attachments that can be included quickly from a link on the emailed invoice the customer will receive.

Also updated is the Invoice Email pop-up window.  After generating an invoice, when Email is selected from the top-right corner, a field has been added to add a ‘BCC’ recipient of the email.  When the checkbox below the BCC field is selected, an email will be ‘blind copied’ to the Agent of Record.  Multiple emails may be entered via the ‘BCC’ field by separating them with a comma.

An opportunity to select an Attachment from the Attachment Library appears within the updated pop-up window when Emailing an invoice.  A link to a quick-reference guide appears below.  Please note that these ‘attachments’ appear as a public link at the bottom of the invoice and not as actual email Attachments on the email. Attaching Documents to an Emailed Invoice from the Library


Please contact your Support department with any questions or issues.

Debbie Tatum

Manager, Implementation and Adoption | Travel Leaders Group.