AgentMate Release November 21st, 2017

An AgentMate Release occurred on Tuesday, November 21st at approximately 2:00 AM EDT.  This release included a number of bug fixes that were communicated to the reporter(s) following post-release testing.

Among the bug fixes, a new View called Line Item PAX View is available under Query Tool > Departure Reports.

US States/Canadian Provinces will also be standardized within AgentMate under both Client and Counselor Profiles.  If you previously used a non-standard abbreviation (like Minn for Minnesota), you may prompted to re-select the State/Province when navigating to a Client or Counselor profile.  An example of this prompt (Validation Error) appears below.  A script will be run across the system to convert any standardized State/Province matches; you will not have to change those profiles.

There are now two radio buttons representing Pricing Details and Itinerary Details when Air is selected for TypePricing Details will be the new default selection; switch to Itinerary Details to enter in flight segments.  An example of the screen modification appears below:


The ability to save commission import templates is also included.  Details for Saving & Using Custom Commission File Import Templates can be found within this document:

Saving & Using Custom Commission File Import Templates


If you have any questions, please contact your Support Department.

Debbie Tatum

Manager, Implementation and Adoption | Travel Leaders Group.