ALWAYS in the driver’s seat.

How often have you planned time away from the office and “something” happens to your VIP client who is on the $10K vacation you booked them? Scared to leave the office because your VPN might not be working at home? Never take time off because you might not be able to remote log-in to your desk top to gain access to a client file? A client calls wanting to book their family of 5 to Disney for two weeks…..and you are taking a group to Ireland and won’t be back to your desk for a week?  What about when your server crashes……headaches for days……

Seems every time you walk away from your desk – an emergency happens, someone wants to book, simply put – you are needed. Then you try and remote log in, connect to your VPN and nothing! Argh – you drive into the office in your PJ’s hoping the cleaners don’t see you, or you call every.single.other agent in your office to see if they can remote in and….no one answers. The list goes on and on of things that could happen the minute you step away from your desk.

Well….AgentMate has you covered!

NOW you can have access to all your clients anytime, anywhere…..all you need is internet access. What? It is true, you can be sitting poolside and “that call” comes, you no longer have to grab a towel, chug your Mai Thai, find your flip flops and run… just need to pick up your tablet and you are good to go.

AgentMate can be accessed anywhere so long as you have internet. No more VPN, no more server issues, no more stress…just pick up your tablet, point your browser towards and you are good to go.  (note: be sure to turn OFF your pop-up blockers)

In fact I think it’s time to step away from your desk 😉


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Debbie Tatum

Manager, Implementation and Adoption | Travel Leaders Group.