Tip: The Best Kept Secret!

Well there are actually a lot of great functions within AgentMate but today we are going to talk about just one. Agents, take a seat and listen up!

Want to get rid of your spread sheets/excel reports? Tired of googling suppliers? Can’t remember your user name? How many different passwords do you have now? Trying to remember a password these days is next to impossible…..don’t forget the ! or the # and it must be lower case, oh wait – and have an UPPER CASE…. Exhausted? Well I am!

AgentMate takes all that stress AWAY! Did you know that you can store ALL your passwords, usernames AND the links to any suppliers right in AgentMate? It’s true folks! With just one click you can gain access to your favorite supplier or one that you don’t use that often and your user name and passwords are there as well!!!

In order to take advantage of this feature, once logged into AgentMate, navigate to the Utilities dropdown menu and choose Counselor Defaults.  *If you do not see this option, you may need to request this permission from your agency manager.*

On the Counselor Defaults Page, click on the tab called Integrations. Towards the bottom of the Integrations page, you will see options to enter usernames and passwords for Corporate Programs as well as Vendor & Agency Specific programs. *Agency specific programs are managed by the agency in the General List. If you would like certain links added, please contact your agency manager to add .*

  1. Using the radio button, select which option you’d like to enter credentials for, the Corporate Program, Vendor, or Agency radio buttons
  2. Click on the link for which you wish to save credentials
  3. Enter the Username and Password for that website
  4. Click ‘save’ at the bottom of the screen, prior to selecting another link to enter additional login information.



It really is that simple. Now, there’s no more hunting for your logins. Your credentials can be easily retrieved from AgentMate whenever you need them. Just hover your mouse over the item on the Links menu to view your saved credentials.


Thank you AgentMate, you just made life a little more user friendly!

For more information on how to utilize this feature please view the Counselor Defaults video under AgentMate Basics – Part 1 in AgentMate Academy. This can also be found under the links drop down.

Alan Pals