Pay Now! Feature: Receiving payments from clients has never been so easy

Enabling the Pay Now! functionality in AgentMate permits any authorized users to insert a payment submission link on the invoice. This will be emailed to your client, letting them share their payment data with you. (*)

You must follow three steps to complete the process:

  1. From a confirmed reservation, customize your bill in the Invoice tab.
  2. Preview your invoice and email it to your customer.
  3. When the approval is provided by the client, your AgentMate dashboard will display “Critical Notification – Online payments in queue for you to process it”.


  • Your customer’s credit card information will automatically be saved into the client profile in a secure way (CVV not included).
  • Customers can request to have an updated invoice automatically emailed to them once the payment has been submitted.
  • Recommended workflow is to process the payment with the supplier prior to receiving or declining the Online Payment into AgentMate.
  • REMEMBER: AgentMate is used to store and document transactions. Selecting Pay Now! does not process the payment with the vendor; it only authorizes the agent to proceed with that operation using client’s credit card.

(*) Due to PCI compliance policy, CVV will remain in the system only for 96 hours.

Debbie Tatum

Manager, Implementation and Adoption | Travel Leaders Group.