AgentMate Release January 31, 2018

An AgentMate Release occurred on Wednesday, January 31st at approximately 2:00 AM EDT.  This release included a number of bug fixes that will be communicated to the reporter(s) following post-release testing.

Among the updates/enhancements are the following:

*Add new user property – Restrict to own lists: Owners/Managers with access to Utilities >Counselor Privileges now see a new option to ‘Restrict to own lists only’.  If this box is checked, the user is only able to see lists on the Client > List Management > List Updates page, that they’ve created. They will not be able to see lists created by other AgentMate Counselors.  A screen shot of where this is activated appears below:

*Add Fields to Query Tool:  There have been some field additions within the Query Tool under Departure Reports the options to select/filter by the Vacation Package fields of Destination, Location, and Property.  These have also been added within Columns Available under Line Item Information using the Line Items View.

*A new Pop-up Option appears under Receive Payment from Client:  Available to those agencies who use the Accounting modules and provide Accounting permissions within AgentMate for their counselors to utilize the Receive Payment to Client and Disburse Payment to Vendor options.  When selecting to process a credit card through the agency (Receive Payment from Client, Payment Type = Credit Card, Processed By = Agency), a new pop-up window will display the options to immediately select Disburse Payment to Vendor or Payment Request to Vendor.  These are permissions controlled/activated by the Owner/Manager via the Utilities>Counselor Privileges screen and will only display if granted.  An example of this new pop-up message appears below.

*A form of payment option for Wire Transfer is now available.  For some brands, Wire Transfer will be forced as a form of payment and will not be able to be turned off at the Agency Level.

For other agencies that wish to accept Wire Transfers, a user with the Agency Defaults permission, can navigate to Utilities > Agency Defaults > Accounting (tab) and check the box “Allow Wire Transfer Option”.  They will function similar to Cash/Checks under Receive Payment from Client.  An outline of this new Form of Payment within AgentMate is available here.


If you have any questions, please contact your Support Department.