AgentMate Outage: March 16 – 18, 2018

In an effort to continue to provide best-in-class solutions, AgentMate will be undergoing a significant upgrade to the application’s infrastructure the weekend of March 16th.  There are no enhancements tied to this outage, however all servers and related equipment that run the application will be updated.

As a result, AgentMate will be unavailable to all users beginning Friday, March 16th at 11:30pm CT and will be unavailable no longer than 5pm CT on Sunday, March 18th

The outage will have the following impact:

  • Users will have no access to the AgentMate application.
  • Once AgentMate is taken offline, the API that calls the content for your website will remain active and your Web site visitors will successfully see all the content like they do today.
  • Any forms that are filled out by visitors during our outage will NOT drop into AgentMate.  They will not be captured at all outside of any email notifications your may have built directly from the website itself.

A critical notification will appear at the top of all user screens within AgentMate beginning tonight.  This may be ‘dismissed’ by clicking on the x next to the alert and will be not reappear until the user’s next login.

Please contact your support department with any questions.