AIG Travel Guard Integration with AgentMate

Updates to the AIG/Travel Guard insurance plans will be in place to align with AIG/Travel Guard’s new policy structure on Monday, November 25th. These mandatory updates will ensure the continued opportunity for AgentMate users to quote and sell the most current and relevant policies for their reservations within AgentMate.

Users currently quoting/selling Travel Guard policies through the AgentMate may encounter a brief interruption during the time of the switch which is anticipated to take place in the early morning hours on November 25th.

• If you’ve already been using the integration in AgentMate, you’ll continue with the same process you already use to sell Travel Guard policies for your clients’ reservations in AgentMate.
*Please note that the Policy Benefit Details links will be activated after the updates are released.

• If you sell Travel Guard and haven’t used the integration in AgentMate yet, you’ll want to take advantage of the benefits that this functionality affords per below steps:

  1. Agency Owner/Manager should request that their Travel Guard selling credentials are on file by emailing: with agency name and associated credential.
  2. Visit the AgentMate Academy to access the training video and User Guide.
  3. Agents will then need to enter their User-Name and Password for Travel Guard within their Integrations tab under Utilities > Counselor Defaults.
  4. Start enjoying the time-saving benefit and additional revenue opportunity of selling AIG policies for your clients’ trips right through AgentMate!

Using the integration does not change your relationship with the supplier and is simply an added value for AgentMate agencies to help reduce manual entry time as well as manual data entry errors.

We know your agency will enjoy the ease and simplicity that this functionality brings to your daily workflow!

Joshua Swantz