June AgentMate Release Notes

Release Date

Planned for Wednesday, June 28th, 2022  by 8:00 a.m. EDT.


What’s New


Issue key Release Note Title Release Note Summary Affected business unit
AG-6762 Group Online Registration Form update required To update the Group Online Registration Form TLN
AG-6721 Allianz Partners Updated Language Required To update Allianz text that appears when users try to quote or purchase their products through AM TLN, Leisure, Center
AG-6673 Add 2 Filters to Agency/Agent Query Use AM to create email lists based on the Role an User has in the Office and the Type of Office that exists. TLN
AG-6669 Attachments Posting Date To improve the Attachments screen within reservations TLN, Leisure, Center
AG-6650 Data Migration for Single TLN Agency Migrating two excels into Agency database within AgentMate TLN
AG-6600 EmpowerMe agencies To add missing TAN IDs to EmpowerMe agencies and find out why some of them are under Vacation.com TLN
AG-6548 Unapplied Documents – Add “Email & Archive” to Multiple Actions The Email & Archive option has been added to allow users to send or archive more than one Document at the same time. Center
AG-6439 Rename Agency CTA Under CRM > Marketing Defaults > Engagement, rename Agency CTA to show Nexion CTA TLN , Leisure, Center
AG-6410 Lead Selection in the Create Res Screen. The Lead Selection user interface has been updated. Center
AG-6392 Documents Unapplied Document Matching Updated business rules to included default Publish for all unmatched, auto purge after 18 months and auto purge archive after 24 months TLN




Issue key Release Note Title Release Note Summary Affected business unit
AG-6779 Reservation is not being added into an existing group To find out why a specific reservation cannot be added into an existing group TLN
AG-6778 Sales Activity Report not showing results for all dates To find out why the SAR is not returning results for all dates TLN
AG-6720 Error response when trying to book new reservation To prevent error from occurring when trying to book a reservation TLN
AG-6700 Client profile Additional Attributes being saved to all household members To apply changes made under “Additional Attributes” just to the selected client and not to the entire household TLN
AG-6687 Validation Error when trying to add a new line item into a reservation To prevent validation error from occurring when trying to add a new item TLN
AG-6668 System error when trying to add a new invoice note within reservations To prevent system error from occurring when trying to add new invoice notes within reservations TLN
AG-6637 Validation Error This booking has no valid ship associated Fixes an issue that caused a validation error TLN
AG-6549 Correct Default Email for Unapplied Document Distribution Head Office Users manually sending Unapplied Documents to users will no longer need to select a new ‘reply to’ email address; that can be configured in General List Center