Quarterly NCOA Processing Aug 2016

Applicable to Vacation.com Member Agencies Only

As clients move and complete a Change of Address they invariably miss notifying some people, they may even forget to tell their Travel Agent! Because of this Vacation.com audits and updates clients opted-in for the Engagement Program on a quarterly basis. In many cases, most of the address is correct; however, it may simply be in a non-standard format (e.g. writing Avenue or Ave. versus Ave), don’t worry these are updated as well.

You can see a full list of all updates by running the Data Certification Report for This Quarter. The report clearly shows which field/s was/were updated and why (example: Client moved, Address Standardized, etc.). You can also see this on the individual client’s profile under ‘Communications’ as a note; selecting details will show you the change(s).


Processing is currently underway and will be live 5 Aug 2016.