Tip: Call out Changes so they aren’t Missed

Have you ever had a conversation with a client and felt like you’re each talking about completely different things?

AgentMate attempts to prevent that, at least when it comes to Invoices. Each time that a new Invoice is generated a copy of that Invoice is stored to the Client Profile in the Communications section; you can reference these to see the Invoice after it has been sent. In addition to this, each time a new invoice is generated a letter is added to the end of the confirmation number – this way you can make sure the consumer is looking at the most recent versionĀ and you can pull up a copy to review with them!


To help make this even more clear you have the ability to add a call out note to the top of each invoice version to make sure your client is aware of the recent change(s). This call out note even appears in Red to make it harder to miss.

header call out