Tip: FIT bookings in a Group

Have you ever had clients travelling with one of your groups, but they weren’t a part of the group contract?

With all of the different Fare codes out there a client will inevitably be booked in under a rate that may be ineligible to combine with your group. Maybe they were booked under a Military or Senior rate, maybe they were booked after all of your group space was pulled. Regardless of why, you will still want these guests to be tied to your AgentMate group for reporting purposes.

Because of this every reservation within a group has the option to be marked as FIT. This box appears on the Res Pricing tab of the reservation, and when selected the booking doesn’t impact your Group Reconciliation numbers or inventory; however, it does impact your overall departure reports.

Remember too that you can use Inventory > Maintain Bookings to move reservations into an AgentMate group that were originally booked outside.