Tip: Bundling on Your Invoice

Did you know that AgentMate allows you to bundle, or package, pricing on each reservation invoice?

Yep! Each Reservation allows you to record all the line items your client is purchasing, or that the Agency is purchasing (like gifts); documenting each of these on the reservation lets you see the full financial breakdown and ultimate profit of the booking. Sometimes you don’t want your client to know the pricing breakdown; this may be because of a gift you’re providing or because you don’t want the client to be able to price shop. Well AgentMate has you covered!

When you are on the Invoice tab, simply check the bundle box for any line item you where you don’t want the client to see the price; checking the box will make the line item price appear as “Included” on the invoice. You can do one better by closing the ‘eye’ next to the bundle box to remove the line item from the invoice entirely! Then the consumer only sees your final package price.