Tip: Single Guest Accounting

Did you know that you can create individual invoices for passengers on the same reservation?

When friends or siblings travel together they often will pay for their own portion of a shared booking; because of this when a new booking is entered an agent can check the box for ‘Single Guest Accounting’. Checking this box forces all client transactions to be associated to a specific berth, or guest. The Res Info tab will offer a new radio button to track PAX Pricing details and will create a second set of reminders for the second passenger. Additionally on the Invoice tab you’ll be able to select the passenger for which you want to create an invoice; these invoices will only show the pricing for line items that passenger is purchasing.

Once payment is applied on a booking, the Single Guest Accounting box cannot be checked or unchecked. You will have to reverse all transactions first if you want to check or uncheck that box.