Tip: Making Use of Recent Items

Have you ever been working on a Reservation for a client only to have your phone ring or someone walk into your office with an emergency?

I think we all have. If you’re anything like me, by the time you finish taking care of an interruption like that you’ve completely forgot what you were working on. Fortunately AgentMate keeps a record of the last 15 items you worked on within your Recent Items. This list appears on the far left of the screen. You can hold your cursor over it to see the list and then click any of the items to be taken right back. Things included in the list are Active Bookings (B), Cancelled Reservations (X), Groups (G), Clients (C), Leads (L), and Quotes (Q). This feature can also be helpful when you’re finalizing a group of reservations that are travelling together or when you’re reviewing your financials to close out a particular month. 2016-03-21_12-44-46