We are happy to unveil some Big news…

What is to come in 2017!

AgentMate is undergoing constant development. It is our goal to continually listen to you, the end user, and to make AgentMate the best Client Relationship Management System in the Industry.

Each AgentMate Production Release contains bug fixes, which are communicated to the reporting user; in addition to these bug fixes, AgentMate rolls out both new feature functions and refinements to existing features.

2017 is the year of AgentMate and we would like to share with you some of the very exciting key initiatives that are taking place this year!


  1. AirPro Integration with AgentMate: Integration of AirPro air booking engine within AgentMate. Quoting and booking air to add to your vacation packages will become much simpler with this integration.
  1. Two additional Insurance integration’s will be added to AgentMate in 2017.
  1. Virtual Assistant: Revamp of the Reminder module which will allow greater flexibility in the reminder rules as well as allowing agencies to create their own custom reminders that can be specific to an individual vendor or status.
  1. Pinsight Integration with AgentMate: Quoting and booking hotels to add to your vacation packages will become much simpler with this integration.
  1. Reservation Balance Module: Reservation reconciliation module, similar to the group reconciliation module, will assist agencies with quick and easy ability to balance reservations according to an agency’s set rules for payment.


This is only the beginning of all the amazing enhancements and developments that AgentMate will be releasing in 2017. AgentMate IS the best kept secret in the Travel Industry, but it won’t be for much longer…. Stay tuned for release dates and rest assured training courses will be added to our AgentMate Academy.


Debbie Tatum

Manager, Implementation and Adoption | Travel Leaders Group.