AgentMate Release – Pushed to 18 Jan 2017

There will be an AgentMate Maintenance Release occurring the morning of 18 January 2017; the release will go live at approximately 3 am PT.

A number of localized bugs have been completed and will be included in the AgentMate Maintenance Release. Bug fixes included in this release will be communicated directly to the impacted agency/ies.

We are happy to announce that you will now be able to see port times included on the Cruise Itineraries of your invoice.

In addition to the above, you now also have the ability to document the tracking number and any document comments within the Booking tab of your reservation, so that the person that handles documents within your agency doesn’t have to search for this information in the notes or under the Client info tab. These fields can also be queried within the Reports/Query tool.

As always, please contact your Support Department with any questions that arise.

Reminder: if you have not already, please update any favorites saved in your browser to now be Instructions on creating favorites in most browsers can be found here.

Theresa Scurry