Attention: AgentMate – Sunsetting of Express Res

On behalf of the AgentMate team, we would like thank you for participating in the Create Res – Reservation Webinar! We are very excited to launch the new screens and sunset the old Express Res. If you were not able to attend one of the 8 webinars, no problem, we have now uploaded one of the webinars to the AgentMate Academy.


You can find the training webinar by navigating to the AgentMate Academy > Under Section 5 > Reservation Management > Scroll to the bottom > Create Res Webinar Recording – December 2020. You will be able to watch the 30 minute demo on how to navigate through the new screen.


If you do not have the two user guides, please reach out to your support team to obtain them. 1)  Owners & Managers – How to set up your Agency and Agents/IC’s   and  2) How to navigate through Create Res.


We will be sending an email to notify you a few days before the old “Express Res” is to be sunset (removed from the application all together) We encourage you to get all your Agents/IC’s set up now so you are ready to go when we do remove the old screens.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to your support team.