Release Notes: 16 June 2016


An AgentMate release is scheduled to go live the evening of June 15 into morning of June 16. This contained several bug fixes which will be communicated to the impacted users. In addition to that there is foundation work being done to automatically drop leads from WebtreePRO into AgentMate. In addition to this new feature functions as outlined below, will be released.


  • Client Profile: Minor updates have been done to select areas of the Client Profile.
    • Opt-Out Reason: When an Agent opts a Client out of Marketing, it is now possible to document a ‘Opt-out Reason’ for future reporting. Each agency can make this feature required via Agency Defaults – Agency Info; the Agency owner/manager can also set the Opt-out Reasons via Agency Defaults – General List.
    • Credit Card Nickname & Exact Name on Card: Two new fields have been added to the Client Credit Card area. One allows you to document a nickname for the Credit Card (e.g. Delta Skymiles); the other allows you to document the name on card (e.g. Joshua K Swantz).
  • Reservations:
    • Cancellation Reason: When an Agent cancels a reservation there is now a Cancellation Reason dropdown. The Agent can then document why the client cancelled. The Agency owner/manager can set the Cancellation Reasons via Agency Defaults – General List.
    • Quoted/Waitlist Status: An agent will now be able to document a reservation as Waitlisted (not yet booked and waiting on availability). To utilize this process, one will need to complete the Express Reservation Wizard using ‘Quote’ and then on the Res Info tab select the ‘Waitlisted’ box. This will change the status to Quoted/WL. A single transaction can now be recorded against the reservation. If the booking is confirmed in the Real World then the reservation can be moved as a booking via ‘Book Res.’ If the booking is not confirmed in the Real World, then the user would Refund the Client and let the reservation Expire in AgentMate.
    • FIT Link: If a group in AgentMate cannot contain individual reservations, but it needs to be included on certain Reports. This will be utilized for reservations that are not the same currency as the group or if the group is on a segmented itinerary of a World Cruise/Grand Voyage. To utilize the feature the booking would be entered as normal. On the Maintain Bookings screen a user can select the group and select the variance of departure date. The user can then move the booking into the group. Upon running the Departure report there is a new filter for Include or Exclude FIT Link items. These are slightly different than FIT Add-in items which are on the exact same itinerary and same currency.