Tip: Quick Add-on Management for Groups

Have you ever been managing a Group and after the fact decided to offer an optional Add-on like a Pre-Hotel, Shore Excursion, Tour, Transfers, or any combination thereof?

I’m guessing you have, or that you’d like to (if it weren’t for the logistics of adding those add-ons to all of your bookings). AgentMate offers a potential solution for that time-consuming process of data entry; it is a feature simply called “Push.” After you have added a line item to the Other Pricing tab of a group, you are able to then select the Push function to see a list of either all Passengers or all Reservations currently within the group (this will depend on if you set the ‘Inventory to be Decremented by’ Client or Reservation. In the dialog box that appears you are then able to select who should be participating in this activity; once you select OK at the bottom the line item will be pushed down to the appropriate Guests/Bookings.