Tip: Orphaned Commissions

Did you know that AgentMate allows you to track orphaned/unclaimed commissions?

As part of AgentMate’s Unapplied Commission module the application attempts to save time for your staff…  the back office staff doesn’t have to enter receivables in two tools, nor do they have search for those receivables before documenting they’ve been received. When the agency receives a check from a vendor, the staff enters the confirmation numbers and values from that check (along with the vendor you received it from) and AgentMate will match those commissions against the reservations your agent’s invoiced. Any Commissions entered from those checks that don’t have a home will remain in the Unmatched Unapplied Commission queue. The agency can then research those orphaned commissions to see if an agent entered an incorrect confirmation number or vendor on a reservation, or attribute those orphaned commissions as agency revenue.